Saturday, February 2, 2008

From Bob Zaragoza

I am living in Italy with my wife and three children, and amazingly, just about a week ago, I was telling my little ones a story about Ken. My oldest daughter just started a new school here and was having trouble adjusting and making friends. I told her that I had a tough time when I was starting high school because it was a new school district for me and I didn't know anyone there. When I met Ken, I was intimidated by him -- he was a lot bigger than me, knew everyone, was smart and "cool." Our initial relationship was very adversarial, and I would want to avoid going to classes or places where he might be. This never happened, of course, and we continued to run into each other, despite my best efforts. And then something happened -- he started to reach out to me. This guy who was popular and who already had a ton of friends wanted for some reason to hang out with me -- a nobody. Over a short period time, our friendship grew, and we soon became best friends did everything together. To this day, I credit Ken for helping me navigate the trials of adolescence, expanding my world, and most importantly just sharing in the process of growing up. I will never forget the relationship that we forged, and as I am helping my children with their friendships, I look fondly on all the memories that I shared with Ken.

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