Saturday, February 16, 2008

From Sally (Tapert) Forrest

I remember meeting Ken freshman year at CRHS. We shared homeroom, and when teachers sat us alphabetically, we were often next to each other. We had a good time in Mr. Hanzlik’s science class. I was a transplant to the Dover area, and Ken and I started off with some friction as we got to know one another. Ken liked to debate, and he was competitive. I recall the strict CR attendance policy and some car/ driving mishaps that made Ken late to school; there was no sympathy from the administration.

Ken and I became good friends through the years. He was a good listener, funny, sensitive, curious, popular, smart and witty. I also think he was a risk-taker and had a restless side. Some of us recall “The Spot” and many impromptu parties—there and SO many other places. Bob Z. and I visited Ken at Swarthmore one time; he showed us that lower-Delaware hospitality. We saw him play in a football game and went to a dance.

Ken was absolutely one of a kind, and we miss him!!!

Thank you, Kristin, for your very special project to bring our memories together all these years later. Your big brother is very proud of you.

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