Saturday, February 2, 2008

From Nelle (Coleman) Cox

Ken and I had known each other since our days at Reily Brown. I always loved his quick smile and infectious laugh. When we were in high school, the cheerleaders got to choose a "big brother" on the football team. We were responsible for decorating their lockers and getting them psyched for upcoming games. I chose Ken immediately --knowing how much fun it would be. He always made such a big display of gratitude over my "GO RIDERS!" signs, blue and gold streamers, and candy. He was so sweet and encouraging. I quickly became the Martha Stewart of locker decoration so I would not let him down. That experience taught me how important it is to show people that when they do something for you, you need to express your gratitude. The positive reinforcement he gave me went a long way. I use it in my classroom as I am teaching...and I think of Ken every time I do it.

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